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From the birthplace of the French
Lapidary industry

The history of Dalloz is interlocked with that of our region and its inhabitants, in the heart of the Haut-Jura mountains, the cradle of the Stone industry. Ideally located just 50km from Geneva and its major Watchmakers and Jewellers, Stone cutting has been a tradition here for almost two centuries.

Dalloz Frères Company was created in 1917 and aimed not only to offer the best Stones to Jewellers, but to breathe life into the spirit of innovation and open up an activity that had been, until that point, artisanal and traditional in nature. Fortified by this heritage and historic capacity to innovate, our company affirms its expertise through a complete range of products and solutions.

A major figure in the Luxury goods industry, Dalloz Group remains a family business. The Group, still very much attached to its roots, continues its tradition excellence by developing successfully all over the World.

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From Jura mountains to the World

Dalloz Group has rapidly developed internationally with highly specialized subsidiaries both in France, and in other countries such as Switzerland and America.

Today Dalloz Group boasts more than 500 clients, representing 22 specialized and innovative small and medium sized enterprises grouping together 1400 associates throughout the World.

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3 Major Fields of activity

A World leader in the Luxury sector, Dalloz Group specializes in 3 main areas.

Watchmaking: by transforming the Sapphire into all different shapes and forms thanks to our unparalleled expertise, we are capable of making hi-tech, waterproof timepieces that resist the test of time. By mastering the techniques of injection and engraving, we can provide complex items and customized industrial solutions that go above and beyond the component.

Jewellery: we are genuine specialists in the Gold trade and our business in this area includes the fabrication of our own ranges of finished Jewels, commercialized by LP Creations or Fair'Belle under the different Group brands. They illustrate our expertise in creating items, combined with our chain making, embossing, machining, Jeweller and Stone setting techniques. We continue this tradition of excellence that is so dear to our Group, by concentrating our expertise on pieces of Jewellery, thereby making us the key sub-contractor of some of the place Vendôme’s major figures.

Finally, our Lapidary activity: our Dalloz Stones and Rough center gathers together the additional skills needed to ensure that the process is totally controlled, from production of the material to cutting.

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